Courtney_Peet.jpgOur Young Adult Peer Coach has lived experience of mental health challenges and works to promote resilience and self-care support to help service users between 16 and 25 years-old.

Offering low to moderate support, Courtney can help with those suffering from social anxiety, low self-esteem, and relationship breakdowns - as well as LGBT+ related advice and support to appointments.

She works with current service users but also take referrals from local schools and colleges.

This form can be completed by a young adult who is self-referring or a Navigo staff member who is referring a young adult for coach support.

After you've completed the form, we aim to contact the young adult within three working days. If you need support in completing this form, please email

Refer to the Young Adult Peer Coach


Emergency contact

This could be a parent, guardian, carer or someone you trust.


If you're a staff member, please provide your details below.

Please complete this section if you are self-referring.

I give permission for NAViGO staff to contact my emergency contact if there is a cause for concern surrounding my health and wellbeing or if there is an emergency situation. I understand that this will mean some sharing of appropriate information.

I give my consent for NAViGO to contact relevant third parties on my behalf and I understand that my agreement will be sought before NAViGO contact others about me, unless there is a significant risk to my health in an emergency situation.

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