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The Navigo CAMS-care UK framework is first and foremost a clinical philosophy of care. The CAMS (Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicidality) intervention is a therapeutic framework for suicide-specific assessment and treatment of a service user’s suicidal risk.

We're committed to the prevention and reduction of suicidality and are delighted to have joined forces with CAMS-care USA, having obtained the exclusive rights to deliver their established and trusted CAMS-care training framework across UK territories (including Northern Ireland).

Suitable for organisations working with suicide risk, CAMS is a flexible approach that can be used across theoretical orientations and disciplines for a wide range of suicidal service users across treatment settings and different treatment modalities.

CAMS training can be delivered as a stand-alone therapy training and our award-winning aligned service, Navigo Suicide Triage Model (NSTM), supports the referral pathway function to ensure that CAMS utilisation is targeted for those most in need, reducing patient waiting times and providing consistent efficiencies in application. All assessment work in CAMS is collaborative. 

The clinician and service user engage in a highly interactive assessment process and the patient is actively involved in the development of their own treatment plan. Every session of CAMS intentionally utilises the service user’s input about what is and is not working. 

If you've been impacted by suicide and need help, please reach out to one of the organisations listed below: