Specialist inpatient suites for older people

Konar Suite, The Janine Smith Suite and Barbara's Beacon


Older man with dementia at older people's inpatient suite on Konar, Janine Smith or Barbara's Beacon


Sometimes an elderly loved one’s mental health problems may be particularly serious.

If so, they might benefit from a period of intensive assessment and treatment in our inpatient services.

Our older people’s suites are homely purpose-built facilities carefully designed to create a positive, safe and stimulating environment for those living with illnesses such as dementia.

A lot of care and attention has gone into developing our suites to make sure they meet the needs of service users. At a time when they are at the most vulnerable stage of their illness.

Providing round-the-clock access to nursing, psychology and medical support, as well as social care, healthcare, physiotherapy, speech therapists and dieticians, the suites work closely with our community mental health services .

From music therapy to art class, we provide lots of daily therapeutic and leisure activities.

And we work closely with carers and other support services to make sure all aspects of your care are considered including your future needs, helping to support you living in the community.

We’re the envy of many inpatient services across the country and have received national recognition for innovation and patient-centred provision.


Rated ‘outstanding’ by the CQC, the award-winning 13-bedroom suite is designed to meet the needs of older people experiencing an acute phase of mental health, whether this be of organic (such as dementia) or functional origin (such as depression, schizophrenia or anxiety).

We provide an evidence-based, individualised service for all our service users at the time when they are at the most vulnerable stage of their lives. At all times, we promote recovery and social inclusion for our service users so that they are re-integrated into their local community at the earliest opportunity.

We endeavour to deliver acute care in the least restrictive environment. We encourage independence and personal choice throughout a person’s time on the unit, putting the service user at the heart of what we do.

We actively encourage our service users and their families to be involved in planning their care and recovery plans where possible. Our highly-trained staff deliver a service that promotes respect and maintains dignity in an environment that they would be happy for their own loved ones to receive care in.

Equipped with a state-of-the-art sensory bathroom, outside gym, sensory relaxation room and even a pub, accommodation is also provided for carers should they wish to stay with their loved ones.

The ten-bedroom specialist facility offers above enhanced nursing care and support to individuals with complex needs.

These needs may be the result of either an organic illness, such as dementia, or as a result of a functional mental health concern, such as schizophrenia or depression.

Equipped with a state-of-the art sensory bathroom, outside gym, attractive murals, indoor street scene and even a pub, each bedroom offers overnight facilities for family members because we know how important it is to be near your loved ones.

The Janine Smith Suite was developed as a result of the passion and dedication of the wife a local service user. She helped to highlight the importance of preventing out-of-area placements for those with complex needs, enabling both her own loved one and others to remain within the local community.

Barbara’s Beacon is our 16-bedroom residential care home facility providing support to individuals moving on from our older peoples’ acute and long-term inpatient units, and to those who require an above enhanced level of care.

Barbara’s Beacon provides support to those whose needs are too complex for traditional residential facilities. Both The Janine Smith Suite and Barbara’s Beacon were developed as a result of the passion and dedication of the wife a local service user, who helped to highlight the importance of preventing out of area placements for those with complex needs.  

Bridging a gap between enhanced residential care in the private sector and the specialist older peoples’ nursing care provided at The Janine Smith Suite, Barbara’s Beacon aims to prevent people becoming inappropriately entrenched in acute facilities because of delayed discharge issues.

Barbara’s Beacon provides skilled care and interventions for service users with complex needs, embracing their physical, mental, psychological and social needs within a dedicated residential environment. Whatever the person’s symptoms, our approach puts the emphasis on the person rather than the illness and the challenges it presents. Our skilled and compassionate staff work closely with dedicated Occupational Therapists to ensure we understand each person’s life story, build on their strengths and give them a sense of purpose and achievement.

The refurbished accommodation provides individual bedroom suites as well as a shared kitchen and living, craft and garden areas for service users and their friends and families.



How do I access older people's inpatient services?

Discuss with your GP, care manager, community matron or district nurse about how we can support you.

You can refer a loved one to our inpatient services by discussing with a healthcare professional.

The service user’s GP will always be consulted with about the referral.

If you’re in a mental health crisis and need urgent help, call the Single Point of Access on (01472) 256256 and select option 3. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Alternatively, you can call NHS 111 free from a landline or mobile phone.