'Hands-on' opportunities in working environments


Tukes member service user in domestics with cleaning equipment

If you are looking for support for a child or young person, please visit our dedicated Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services pages.


Tukes is an employment and training scheme that helps local people with mental health problems build confidence and gain new skills.

The Tukes team gives service users ‘hands-on’ opportunities in real working environments, helping to give structure and routine to their lives. There’s also the opportunity to study and gain recognised qualifications in relevant areas including catering and horticulture.

Set up in July 2003, Tukes is named after William Tuke – an eighteenth-century tradesman who helped to develop more humane ways of caring for people with mental health issues.

You’ll see Tukes members working alongside NAViGO staff around our buildings – they’re cooking food in our kitchens, serving coffees to the public in our cafes and vacuuming the floors of our therapy rooms.

Tukes are a massive part of what makes NAViGO unique.


Fancy being the next Gordon Ramsay? If you choose our catering pathway, we’ll teach you basic cooking skills before you work your way up to higher levels.

You’ll become an expert on hygiene, money handling and customer service, and be able to explain to everyone the difference between a cappuccino and a mochaccino – all with a smile on your face!

At an organisation like NAViGO, it’s so important to keep everything clean and tidy for service users.

You’ll become familiar with health and safety regulations and be able to safely and appropriately deal with a whole host of hazardous substances.

You’ll team up with our experienced domestic staff and, eventually, maybe even be able to give Mrs Hinch a run for her money with polish and a duster!

Are you green fingered?

If you go down the horticultural route with Tukes, you may be working at Grimsby Garden Centre, learning to take care of our massive collection of plants.

You’ll also discover how to work as part of a team and build your confidence around other people. You might even get to work those biceps and triceps as there’s plenty of moving and handling involved!

For healthcare and clinical placements, please visit our Placements page.

How do I access Tukes?

You can self-refer to Tukes by completing the form at this link.

A support worker from the Tukes team will get back in touch to arrange an initial meeting and discuss what we can offer.

If you’d like to speak to the team beforehand, email navigo.tukes-supportteam@nhs.net.

If you’re in a mental health crisis and need urgent help, call the Single Point of Access on (01472) 256256 and select option 3. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Alternatively, you can call NHS 111 free from a landline or mobile phone.