Orange gift boxes are working their way across North East Lincolnshire containing a range of items to brighten the day and raise the smiles of recipients.

It’s all part of our tenth anniversary celebrations as we end the year spreading a bit of much-needed joy.

Encouraged to enjoy or pass on, it is hoped people will be inspired to refill the box and continue the wave of kindness across the borough. Because kindness is contagious.

NAViGO chief executive Simon Beeton said: “A bright moment on a dark day can do wonders and I think we’ve all become especially aware of that over the last two years.

“So we’re encouraging people to take a moment for themselves, pass the gift on to someone who really needs it, say thanks and if you feel inspired: keep our wave of kindness going.”

The idea was formed in early 2021 as we began our anniversary year.

Since then we have created a wave of random acts of kindness, encouraging others to do the same.

From surprising teachers, local posties, bus drivers, patients, NHS colleagues, St Andrew’s Hospice, service users and even the friendly ladies in the local Greggs to leaving bunches of daffodils on doorsteps, with strangers in the street, handed over hedgerows and passed on along the seafront.

And including free coffees and food vouchers in community magazines and at partner events.

Kindness has long been known to be positive on mental health and wellbeing, both as something you can give to yourself and others.

Make someone else's day

Simon added: “People carry out amazing acts of generosity and it’s really nice for us to build on that – you can really make someone else’s day with a surprise gesture.

“Be it a stranger, a neighbour, a colleague or a friend. It could be someone you haven’t seen in a long time or a family member.

“It doesn’t have to be a physical gift - giving someone a phone call, writing a thank you note, sharing your favourite books with people on your street, nurturing nature or reaching out to say ‘are you okay?’ can make a real difference.

“It can even be yourself because, now more than ever, it is important to self-care too.

“So, let’s be kind to ourselves and kind to each other.”

Find more ideas if you’re inspired to carry out a random act of kindness - and share with us on social media.

While there are things we can do to support our own health and wellbeing, we're keen to stress that we offer a variety of services offering professional advice, guidance and therapy.