Recycled cooking oil will now be used to power company vehicles at NAViGO.

The organisation received the green light to purchase a biodiesel processor which will allow the conversion of cooking oil from our popular Grimsby Garden Centre Potting Shed eatery and inpatient kitchens into biodiesel for our estates, ground maintenance and commercial fleet.

The fuel will also be used to power emergency generators across sites which are used to ensure any power outages do not disrupt care provision for vulnerable inpatients.

NAViGO head of employment and commercial services Jo Keen said: “As well as the obvious environmental benefits reducing the consumption of fossil fuels brings, it also means cooking oil doesn’t go to waste, it reduces waste disposal costs, provides a low carbon, cheaper fuel for our vehicles and provides a quick win, cost saving greener solution to powering emergency generators.

“Like many NHS organisations, we are committed to reaching Net Zero by 2040. Long term we aim to replace our fleet with fully electric models, but this provides us with a sustainable alternative until they reach the end of their life span and means any future surplus can be used elsewhere to support others in the local area.

“This is quite an innovative approach and we hope that through our learning we can encourage and support other NHS providers to adopt a similar policy.”

Biodiesel produced from waste is an environmentally sustainable transport fuel, offering an alternative to petroleum diesel.

Funding for the biodiesel processor has been provided by the Sheep Shed Green Award — a programme delivered by Yorkshire and Humber AHSN and commissioned by Humber and North Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership.

The awards are designed to promote sustainable practice within the Humber and North Yorkshire region and aim to help progress carbon reduction projects.