NAViGO’s acute psychiatric units have retained Royal College of Psychiatry Quality Network for Inpatient Working Age Mental Health Service (QNWA) Accreditation, which recognises good practice and high-quality care.

Meridian and Pelham Lodges are part of Harrison House Grimsby complex, an adult inpatient facility that specialises in providing 24 hour, person-centred care in innovative, modern lodges rather than clinical wards.

The Royal College of Psychiatry accreditation assures the quality of mental health services recognising the good practice, work and care provided by NAViGO.

NAViGO chief executive Simon Beeton said: “Maintaining the exceptional standards required for accreditation for well over a decade now, this recognises the hard work and dedication of our staff who are committed to providing the best possible care, ensuring best practice, and making sure that we continue to grow, improve and develop across all of our service areas - be they inpatient, specialist or community based.

“The last couple of years have proven to be the most challenging for the NHS with the effects of the pandemic.

"Achieving accreditation again this year illustrates how determined we are to make sure that our services not only meet the needs of the local community now but that they are set up to meet the demand of the future.”

The accreditation has been awarded until January 2023.