dylan_tuplin_social_prescribing_thumb.jpg“I was referred to NAViGO by my GP when I was struggling with my mental health following a bad patch. 

The team at Harrison House talked to me with great courtesy and respect. They told me the things I was experiencing were normal and nothing to be ashamed of. 

“This was extremely important for me. I always thought asking for help was the same as being weak but it takes true strength to admit you need help.

“I started work as a NAViGO domestic support worker in September 2021. I was nervous to start with but, with the warm and welcoming nature of the people who work for NAViGO, it soon felt like there was a strong sense of community around you. It’s a place where people who are struggling in their own way come together to lend each other their strength and ultimately allow the sum of all their collective parts to become a much richer whole. 

“Working as a domestic, along with my work out in the community with James the Canoe River Cleaner, allowed me to change my views on life and humanity. It allowed me to mature out of a cynical world view where I had a hard time leaving the house or even talking to people.

“My new role as a social prescriber is championing activities to do with blue and green spaces to tackle things like anxiety, depression, and social isolation. 

“I believe in this wholeheartedly, as being out in nature cleaning the River Freshney and fishing has brought me peace, comfort, and a level of understanding of myself, others and the world I thought unattainable before. 

“I have seen the benefits of social prescribing first-hand, where people are channelling their energy into something productive and beneficial to themselves and their community, to leave a positive legacy behind.” 

To find information about a range of activities, from coastal walks to litter picks, visit our green and blue social prescribing section.