All aboard! There’s nothing better than taking to the waves and breathing in the refreshing sea air – and with NAViGate sailing therapy you can do just that!

With NAViGate, you’ll get the unique experience of helping to run a 43-foot sailing yacht, working as a team with other crew members and building your confidence on the open water.

Alongside our partners at nearby Covenham Sailing Club, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about sailing – from getting to know the basics to looking after and maintaining the boats.

Once you know your rudder from your hull, it’ll be time to join our yacht master, Barry, and carry on learning the ropes. Barry had a 20-year career within local mental health services before sailing around the world.

We work alongside other services, like the Sequoia Therapeutic Community  and Tukes, to complement other therapies and get NAViGO staff to engage with you in informal, unique surroundings.

How do I contact NAViGate sailing therapy?

Referrals to NAViGate come from service managers, but if you have general questions about how sailing therapy could benefit you, send an email to

Referrals to sailing therapy come from our service managers, so speak to your care coordinator or other person in charge of your care if you’re interested in sailing therapy.

Internal referrals come via your line manager or the occupational health team. 

If you’re in a mental health crisis and need urgent help, call the Single Point of Access on (01472) 256256 and select option 3. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Alternatively, you can call NHS 111 free from a landline or mobile phone.