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We’re a membership organisation, so it’s important that we listen your opinions when we’re making decisions.

It’s the job of the representatives to do just that.

Every two years, you – the membership – elect five community representatives and five staff representatives. They sit on our membership board and help shape the future of NAViGO, voting on how we spend money and what projects we focus on.

Community representatives are the voice of service users and the wider community. Staff representatives act in the interests of our employees.

They are your direct line to the senior management team. If you have any concerns or positive feedback, you can contact them and they will make sure the right people understand your views and put change into action.

Who are the membership representatives?

From the ten reps, one community rep and one staff rep put themselves forward as Non-Executive Directors, or NEDs. The BAME staff representative also acts as a NED. The NEDs sit on our CIC Board , which makes important choices about which projects and services to prioritise.

Reps can be elected for a maximum of two two-year terms.

How do I contact the membership representatives?

If you’re a community member and want to raise an issue with one of our community representatives, send an email to navigo.communityreps@nhs.net.

If you’re a NAViGO staff member and want to contact the staff representatives, email navigo.staffreps@nhs.net.

Sometimes the reps will organise drop-in sessions where you can pass on any information or concerns.

Take a look at our events page to see when the next one is scheduled!

Community and staff representatives will be in attendance across NAViGO events, including Your Voice, the Annual General Meeting and Membership Board.

Say hello if you see them!