A welcome to our 2022 Annual General Meeting from the NAViGO Chair, Jane Lewington!

A quick dive into changes to community mental health services so far and what’s to come moving forward.

Presented by Patti Boden, Kath Afifi, Amanda Lea and Di Clark.

Celebrating the support of the Gardiner Hill Foundation - NAViGO's official charity.

Presented by Jane Lewington and Gill Hobson.

A chance to grab a drink, stretch your legs and mingle with other guests at today's event!

Discussing the importance of putting mental health to the top of the league, encouraging men to talk and embedding organisations into the local community.

Panel discussion with NAViGO Chief Executive Simon Beeton, Grimsby Town Sport and Education Trust's Jo Schofield, NAViGO employment specialist Ross Albery and other guest panellists.

Hungry? It's time for lunch!

Chair Jane Lewington welcomes everyone back to the afternoon session.

Former Arsenal and England footballer Paul Merson speaks about his life in football and his struggles with alcoholism and his mental health.

Chief Executive Simon Beeton takes us on a whistle-stop tour of NAViGO's 2021/22 and gives us a sneak preview about what's next.

Director of Corporate Affairs Anna Morgan takes a look at NAViGO's finances.

Time for a short break - pop to the toilet or take a walk around the display board area.

The results of the voting on the amendments to the companies Articles of Association.

The results of the voting on the 2022 NAViGO Project of the Year.

The winners of the Chair's Awards and Community Membership Awards are revealed.

NAViGO Chair Jane Lewington closes this year's AGM.

Thanks for attending! We'll see you next year!