Press the button above to vote in the NAViGO AGM 2021.

Please have your Voter ID and Voter Key to hand. You will have either received these in your inbox as an email from Choice Voting, or as a paper mailout from NAViGO. 

Voting opens on Tuesday 28 September, 2021 at 8am and closes at 12.45pm. If you have any questions, please call (01472) 583053 or contact us using the web form here.

This year, we are asking you to:

  • appoint Jane Lewington as chair for a term of four years ending with the Annual General Meeting in 2025
  • appoint Simon Beeton as chief executive for a term of four years ending with the Annual General Meeting in 2025
  • approve the changes to the Articles of Association. The proposed amendments and explanation of these changes are contained within the AGM notice.

You can also vote for the NAViGO Project of the Year. You can find the proposals here

We’re doing things a little bit differently this year by casting votes online through a confidential and secure voting system. 

All community and staff members will be sent a unique voter ID. These details are unique to you. Please do not share.

You’ll also be able to cast your vote at our AGM at Grimsby Auditorium or mini gathering using one of our dedicated voting stations.

NAViGO staff will be on hand to help if you need any assistance.

Please make sure that you bring your voter ID and voter key details with you.

If you don't have digital access and can't come to the AGM or mini gathering either, you can nominate someone to vote for you by requesting a proxy form. You can also request an advance voting form to vote on the Project of the Year.

If you would like to request a proxy form or an advance voting form, please contact the Corporate Affairs team by emailing All forms must be submitted to the Corporate Affairs team at NAViGO House, 3-7 Brighowgate, Grimsby DN32 0QE by 9am on Monday 27 September 2021.