Reaching out, kindness and fairness for all



Rebekah_Myers_thumb.jpgWhy would you like to be a staff representative?

"Although I have only been with NAViGO for two years, I know I am ready to make a difference and get people's voices heard. In my role in the training team, I get the amazing chance to speak to staff in every department, every day.

"I want to be able to offer more for NAViGO, and give everyone the opportunity to have their voice heard and have an easy, streamlined way to do so. This is where I come in."


Tell us about you and your experience.

"I have worked for NAVIGO for two years, starting my journey on a level 3 apprenticeship which I successfully completed in June 2021. I love working with everyone within NAVIGO, and thrive on being kind, supportive and a great listener.

"In my spare time I volunteer for The Scouts Association, ensuring the voices are heard for young people from ages six to 25. This is something I would love to transfer into NAVIGO, and getting the voices of staff, service users and everyone else’s voices heard to really make a difference and to ensure we can all provide a service we would want our family to use.

Within my role, I feel I am more than a training administrator. I have helped with flu vaccination training, as well as help promote domestic abuse awareness training, and even LGBTQ+ to NAViGO, ensuring that the trainer’s voices were heard with these courses.

I want to help people feel listened to, and know they are being listened to, and that their opinion, ideas and thoughts matter, because we all matter. That is why I want to stand for staff representative.


If you are elected as a representative, what do you want to achieve?

  • To promote awareness of the LGBTQ+ community
  • Encourage all staff current and new to join the membership and have a voice
  • To ask staff or champion a way for staff to tell me what matters to them and what they want me to achieve on their behalf


How do you intend to engage with the membership to ensure their voices are heard?

  • Be available for drop-in sessions, emails, telephone or via Zoom/Microsoft Teams to share ideas/views
  • Attend team meetings
  • Utilise the suggestion box at NAVIGO House
  • Share views with the representative team and to raise issues with Membership Board.