Nominations for Project of the Year 2021 are now closed!

Keep an eye out for the final shortlist reveal later this month!

Submit a Project of the Year proposal

Complete this form to submit a proposal to be considered for the Project of the Year shortlist.


We need to hear some background information about your proposal, including:

  • what the proposal is
  • why it's needed
  • what it'll do
  • whether the proposal is environmentally sustainable

Tell us about the benefits to this proposal, including:

  • the benefits to NAViGO, the membership and the local community if the proposal is approved
  • the reasons why the membership should support the approval
  • the ways in which the proposal supports our values and goals
  • how it supports an existing NAViGO objective

Give us an idea about the responsibilities and timescales, including:

  • who would be responsible for making this project happen
  • how long it will take to get the project up and running

Provide some information about the finances of the proposal, particularly:

  • an estimation of how much money it will cost
  • what the money will be spent on
  • any ongoing costs beyond the 12 month funding and how these will be met (e.g. rentals, training, maintenance etc)

We need to be sure that any projects are sustainable, so please consider:

  • how the project will be sustained after the NAViGO grant has expired
  • whether you will need to apply for grant funding
  • whether the project will become self-sustaining (i.e. have income to off-set the cost of running it)

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