Working together to create the best



Rachael_Ogley_thumb.jpgWhy would you like to be a community representative?

"Having experienced what it is like to support someone who is experiencing mental health illness and helping them to find help, it really surprised me what support is available locally.

"I was aware of NAViGO and the support they offered and was able to signpost a close family member to the service. However, from speaking to others there were many that were not aware of this excellent mental health service, thus there may be opportunities to raise the profile of the organisation.

"Supporting this family member through crisis was difficult, one of hardest times of my life and I found very limited support. Although I did not see myself as a carer, I did not know how best to support them, and I now think there is potential to provide more of an umbrella of support being offered.

"As a community representative I would want to bring people together, to have a voice, promote the services that NAViGO can offer for both the people experiencing mental health and those in a supporting role, to ensure we make a difference, and challenge the services to create more inclusion to benefit to the people in North East Lincolnshire and surrounding areas."


Tell us about you and your experience.

"I'm married, with 3 sons (aged 15, 12 and 4 years). I have lived in the North East Lincolnshire region all my life. I am passionate and motivated to achieve engagement and make a difference through a partnership approach, being innovative in delivery whilst always championing health.

"Having recently been in contact with NAViGO services while supporting someone close, I would love the opportunity to give something back to the organisation. I have a wealth of experience in influencing positive outcomes, and a desire to create a holistic umbrella of support for every person affected by mental health locally.

"My previous work experience has seen me identify and engage a range of stakeholders to develop a joined-up approach, working in collaboration to share best practice and maximise positive and optimal outcomes aligned to organisational priorities.

"With a proactive attitude, I am confident in approaching and working with others to seek opportunities for business development, to avoid duplication, while recognising that a flexible approach, with elements of reflection may be required at times to help keep on track what it is that NAViGO are trying to achieve for the benefit of our people locally."


If you are elected as a representative, what do you want to achieve?

"I would like to see an inclusive, joined up approach to ensure all voices are listened to and heard, to create the best service provision locally for both those experiencing mental health illness and those in a supporting or caring role.

"By sharing personal experiences we can together influence how mental health services in North East Lincolnshire and surrounding areas maintain a high standard in delivery. From my own experiences, I have an idea to contribute:

  • to an increased understanding around mental health, challenge the stigma around it and help signpost those dealing with the illness 
  • to provide support and signpost to available services or information to those caring or supporting the person who’s experiencing the mental illness.


How do you intend to engage with the membership to ensure their voices are heard?

"Initially I would aspire to attend any drop-in sessions or meetings to engage with the existing members. It would be great to consider the best channels to encourage people to get involved, acknowledging that everyone brings different perspectives, thus supporting them, actively listening and inspiring them to have a voice.

"I personally prefer face to face opportunities to meet with people, however recognising that this may not be possibly in the first instance, I would seek alternative opportunities to engage - for example meetings, newsletters, drop ins and promotional events."