Voice of lived experience within NAViGO



Pam_Bendle_thumb.jpgWhy would you like to be a community representative?

"I have been a community rep for the last two years, and enjoyed making a difference with services for service users. I have enjoyed sitting on service user panels and interview panels and deciding on the staff employed.

"I am a passionate supporter of NAViGO having used the services for the last ten years. I have lived experience of acute services including admission on the lodges. I have also had treatments with psychology teams, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation electroconvulsive therapy and been a member of the Sequoia Therapeutic Community.

"For the last two years I have been an elected community representative and have fully enjoyed my role in helping to shape services. I have established links with community members and I would love the opportunity to stand for another two years and continue to use my lived experiences to help NAViGO in understanding service users’ needs to ensure they improve services to become outstanding services."


If you are elected as a representative, what do you want to achieve?

"I want to offer a voice and support for service users and carers who need to be heard. I want to improve mental health awareness within wider communities, to reduce stigma and encourage conversations about mental health.

"I want to help ensure services provided are the best they can be. I will be prepared to ask questions about services and ways of working. I am looking forward to opportunities to visit other services around the country looking at best practice during peer reviews."


How do you intend to engage with the membership to ensure their voices are heard?

"I will offer surgeries and coffee mornings in the community and at different NAViGO sites to obtain views on issues that need solving.

"I will meet face to face with members to ask about their experiences and continue with expert by experience. I will attend reps meetings, Membership Board meetings, forums and workshops to share the views of members."