What can I do to help?


Why would you like to be a community representative?

"I ran for community representative in 2019 and unfortunately was not successful.

"At the back end of 2020 I was asked to fill in when the team found themselves one short. Now I think I've got the hang of it, so I would like to give a full term a go and see if I can help in any way."


Tell us about you and your experience.

"I'm Craig Champion, AKA Bomber, and I'm the manager at Grimsby Garden Centre.

"When NAViGO bought the garden centre in 2015, I was a little apprehensive with working within an organisation that I had no knowledge of. Over the last six years, I've come to realise that I had no reason to feel this way. I have got to meet some great individuals, both staff and service users alike.

"I want to run again this year to see what I can do with a full term."


If you are elected as a representative, what do you want to achieve?

"If elected, I would like to do more work in the wider NAViGO community to help more people and support as many people as I can to reach their full potential.

"I'll also share information about services and NAViGO events."


How do you intend to engage with the membership to ensure their voices are heard?

"I'll hold one-to-one meetings and drop-in sessions and visit different sites to meet more people. I'll ensure I am accessible via email and regularly available for a chat at the garden centre.

I'll be approachable, open to ideas and opinions and engage with different teams to capture different views and issues. I'll regularly attend Your Voice, events, Membership Board meetings and engagement groups when possible."