What we promise you

Making sure your voice is heard


Older couple one of whom is a carer smiling


As our carers, you're incredibly important to us.

You're crucial in understanding how we can better shape our services for those people you care for.

Our commitment to carers is to:

  • Ensure that you have access to an assessment of your own needs and that this is carried out within 28 days of referral.
  • Ensure that we welcome carers into our membership as we have made a commitment to use the community membership as the way to engage and involve carers.
  • Have robust communication so you can share information with us and we can share information with you.
  • Provide engagement, involvement and training opportunities where appropriate to meet your needs.
  • Ensure our staff are 'carer-aware' and can identify where a carer may have specific needs of their own.



Additional carers information and advice can be found inside the Navigo Magazine. If you are not already a community member and would like to receive the magazine, get more involved or hear more about your local mental health service, you can apply to join the membership.



Navigo supports and facilitates a number of carer groups, meetings and activities which all carers are welcome to attend and participate in. Further details can be found on the events calendar.


Gardiner Hill Foundation

Carers are also eligible to apply for a grant from the Gardiner Hill Foundation, Navigo's official charity. Money can be awarded to carers who would like to access training or need to pay for extra support.

All applications must be approved by the board. You can find out more and apply for a Gardiner Hill Foundation grant online.