For women at risk of removal of their baby or who have had their baby removed for safeguarding reasons

Offering emotional, practical and specialist support


Woman anxious mum part of the Flawsome community


We know that having a baby removed, or being at risk of this, is one of the most difficult experiences anyone can have.  

We offer practical, emotional and psychological support for women who are

  • at risk of removal of their baby for safeguarding reasons, or
  • who are up to two years post-adoption, or
  • at risk of child removal in the first 24 months of the child's life.

However, we will assess the holistic needs of the woman on a case-by-case basis.

We know that people often feel that they have no control or say. We will ask you about what your needs are and explore with you what we can offer to help you get through this tough time. You can see some of the services we offer below.


As per the outcome of the choice appointment, you may be offered evidence-based psychological therapies.

Therapy will be delivered in line with NICE guidance. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) are the main psychological therapies offered.

However there may be times where it is difficult to engage in a psychological therapy. Dependent on circumstances, you may well be able to benefit from the other support available such as stabilisation work, and support offered within the Flawsome Community (see below).

A stabilisation group can be offered with the aim of introducing therapeutic interventions to prepare you for therapy and help you manage symptoms such as nightmares or flashbacks.

We may also be able to offer one-to-one atabilisation work to help you prepare for psychological therapies.

The Flawsome Community is a local project hosted by Safe Families National Charity, working closely with the Maternal Separation Support Service.

The Flawsome Community offers practical, social and emotional support including:


  • Volunteer SupportWe offer you access to a volunteer who can walk alongside you and support you emotionally on a range of goals that you identify. The volunteer can give you that listening ear.
  • Family Support Manager: A Family Support Manager, or FSM, is a key person who can walk alongside you to support you in working with the local authorities. The FSM can offer emotional support when attending court and advocate for you where needed.
  • Coffee Morning: Our coffee mornings are creative places where mums can engage with other mums in similar situations. Mums can get emotional support from either the group or a Family Support Manager. This is time for distraction, to make happy memories and learn strategies to manage emotions in a positive manner.
  • Workshop: Our 12-week workshop looks at emotional resilience, helping you to learn about emotions and how to deal with them in a more helpful manner. The workshop uses PowerPoint, videos and group work.
  • Further Support: We can link you with other organisations who can help you get support for things like alcohol, drug use or debt. We do not discriminate or judge and believe that everybody deserves respect and support.


The Maternal Separation Support Service is a specific pilot service based in North East Lincolnshire. It is part of the Maternal Mental Health Service, which is run in collaboration with Hull University Teaching Hospitals, Humber & North Yorkshire Health & Care Partnership and NAViGO.

The learning taken from this pilot is to be used to facilitate the development and evolution of this service into other areas within the Humber & North Yorkshire Health & Care Partnership catchment.

At this time the service is available to women with GPs in North East Lincolnshire.



How do I access Maternal Separation Support Services?

You can be referred by any professional involved in your care.

If they don’t know how to refer you, then you can direct them to this page where there is information for professionals below.

For referrals for women to access psychological therapies or stabilisation work, please complete this referral form and email to

(Please note, this referral form is a Word document and, as such, may not be fully accessible to all audiences. This is being used as a temporary measure until the referral form is made accessible by Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. If you require the form in another format, please contact the email address above.)

The referral will be triaged within a morning referral meeting which is held Mondayto Friday between 9am and 9.30am. We do not accept urgent referrals, and we do not care co-ordinate. Dependent on the wishes of the mum, we will support her access to the Flawsome Community.

For referrals for women who do not wish to access psychological therapies, stabilisation work or work with a mental health service at this time in their journey, please refer to Safe Families to access the Flawsome Community using this link to Safe Families Electronic Referral Form. You will require an area code – please email to request this code.

Women may wish to engage in psychological therapies or stabilisation work in the future. If they are working with the Flawsome Community then they can refer her to the Maternal Mental Health Service directly. Furthermore, they can be referred to either service, and work with both services at the same time.

If you are unsure of how to refer, would like to discuss a referral, or get advice, please email or call the Maternal Mental Health Service on (01482) 469500.

If the mum requires more urgent intervention, please contact the Single Point of Access on (01472) 256256 (option 3).