Worrying about putting food on the table can be a strain on the mental health of many people.

No one should ever be forced to go hungry - no matter what their financial state.

If you don't have the money to feed yourself or your family, you can access local organisations that provide free food to those in need.

We've made a list below of organisations in North East Lincolnshire who may be able to help .

CARE Daily Food Larder

Daily Bread Food Larder help many residents of North East Lincolnshire,who find themselves experiencing poverty, hardship and distress. Find out more

Grimsby Food Kitchen

Grimsby Food Kitchen provides free hot meals for over 18s. Find out more


Doorstep provide emergency food and basic toiletries for young people experiencing housing-related hardship. Find out more

Centre4 Community Shop

Centre4 Community Shop provides access to food at discount prices. Find out more