man_generic_thumb.jpgThe incidence of suicide in the UK is at its lowest since 1981 though the number remains catastrophic.

In particular, high rates of male suicidality causes a level of controversy, suggesting inadequate health service provisions and on an individual level, poor help-seeking.

Research has suggested that two thirds of males who had died by suicide had not been
in contact with a mental health service. Studies have also identified the homogenous difficulties males experience when accessing the required care for suicidal ideation.

The current review aimed to provide an overview of the research in this area, pertaining to the barriers to help-seeking in men experiencing suicidal ideation.

Barriers to Help-Seeking in Suicidal Men: A Systematic Literature ReviewDecember 2019

(Lucy Jones, Zaffer Iqbal, Nicola Airey, Sophie Brown and Frances Burbridge)