NAViGO has been ranked one of the country’s best after achieving excellent results in this year’s national NHS Staff Survey.

Compared to over 220 national NHS provider trusts and other social enterprises, NAViGO ranked number one in six of the ten survey themes, including staff morale, health and wellbeing and quality of care.

And we're number one in seven of the ten overall factors compared to 52 other NHS mental health and learning disability providers.

The largest annual workforce survey in the world is completed by all NHS organisations in England and Wales, providing over 1.2 million staff with the opportunity to anonymously share views about the place they work and the services it provides.

NAViGO deputy chief executive Simon Beeton said: “Last year proved to be the most challenging for the NHS and the effects of the pandemic are due to impact on mental health services for months to come.

“NHS staff up and down the country have had to adjust to working in COVID specific areas, carrying out virtual clinics, working from home, being redeployed to support other services and spending entire shifts in PPE. Their response has been truly phenomenal.

“We’re extremely proud that in such difficult circumstances we have remained dedicated to providing the best possible care, continued to provide all of our services and that we have done so while ensuring we are committed to the health and wellbeing of our staff.

“We are extremely proud of the NAViGO team and the fact that our staff feel valued, supported and listened to is reflected in these outstanding results which show that NAViGO is a fantastic place to work.”

Key findings

  • 89% of staff said that care of service users is the organisations number one priority
  • NAViGO were ranked first in the country for quality of care with 93% of staff satisfied with the quality of care they give to service users and 92% of staff feeling their role makes a difference to service user care
  • NAViGO ranked number one in the country for staff morale as well as health and wellbeing
  • 81% of staff said they would recommend NAViGO as a great place to work while 71% said they looked forward to going to work.

As well as being named the Health and Social Care Social Enterprise of the Year, NAVIGO have been ranked as one of the top 100 not-for-profit organisations to work for by The Sunday Times, five years in succession, and eagerly await this year’s ranking.