Knowing what to say at the right time can potentially save a life.

That's why we're teaming up with community-based housing provider Lincolnshire Housing Partnership to offer suicide prevention training to their staff.

With over 12,700 homes, thousands of customers and a large workforce, we were keen to encourage LHP to promote their leading work on mental health support and wellbeing. With a predominantly male repairs service and their community-focused work, LHP will also support our ongoing campaigns to improve men’s mental health amongst both staff and customers.

Zaffer Iqbal said: “We’re really pleased that LHP are supporting this initiative and are encouraging their employees to take 20 minutes out of their day to complete the suicide prevention training.

“The training allows every individual in our community to recognise when someone may be affected by such thoughts. I would urge everyone to spare 20 minutes and learn more about what to say and what can be done to improve the pathway to appropriate care for someone affected by thoughts of suicide, so we can provide those who need our support with the help they need.”

Jane Godfrey, head of HR and organisational development at LHP said: “As a Customer First organisation, we are committed to providing support to both our staff and customers, especially when it comes to improving mental health.

“The #TalkSuicide campaign is an excellent example of how we can engage with our communities across Lincolnshire on an important issue, particularly at this current time when many of us are affected in some way by the coronavirus outbreak.”

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