If a family or adult move to the North East Lincolnshire from another area or country with a diagnosis of a neurodevelopmental condition, please contact the appropriate team directly to discuss this further.

For children and young people please email the Neurodevelopmental Service at navigo.ymmneuro@nhs.net or telephone (01472) 252570 for children and young people.

For the Adult ADHD service, please email cpg.adhd@nhs.net or telephone on 01472 571100 (option 5, followed by option 2).

For the Adult Autism Service, please email cpg.autismdiagnosticservice@nhs.net or telephone 01472 571100.

The Neurodevelopmental Service will review the assessment processes and diagnostics to ensure that they have followed National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidelines. NICE provides guidance to professionals and patients around what is expected from an evidence-based assessment and/or intervention.  The guidance is readily available online. For example, the guidance for ADHD is NG87 and for autism in Under 19s is CG128. For adults, the guidance is CG142.

Our local process for this includes:

  • Reviewing assessment reports by the appropriate clinicians to ascertain if it meets the criteria mentioned above
    • If the report meets the necessary standards, the young person or adult will be moved to the appropriate post-assessment pathway.
    • If it does not, the clinician will refer the child or adult to the Neurodevelopmental Service (where appropriate), and should the clinician decide not to refer to the pathway this will be fully explained.

If an adult or young person moves to this area and they have previously been accepted on to a waiting list from their original area, the services will review the referral documents and, if appropriate, the adult or young person will be placed on the waiting list for an assessment at the date point they were accepted for an assessment in their original area.