Simon Beeton (SB) Director of Finance
Mike Reeve (MR) Director of Operations
Aamer Sajjad (AS) Medical Director
Courtney Peet (CP) Elected Community Member Representative
John Tucker (JT) Elected Community Member Representative
Julie Gray (JG) Head of Corporate Affairs/Company Secretary
Pamela Bendle (PB) Elected Community Member Representative
Yasmin Salt (YS) Elected Community Member Representative
Kelly Moore (KM) Elected Staff Member Representative
Richard Watson (RW) Head of Workforce and Development
Richard Melling (RM) Elected Staff Member Representative
Mark Peplow (MP) Elected Staff Member Representative

Nicola Carroll (NC) Membership Board Secretary
Lynsey Ford (LF) Legal Affairs Manager
Sam O’Brien (SOB) Community Member
Jennifer Clarke (JC) Community Member
Amy Quickfall (AQ) Engagement and Projects Manager
Jackie Griffiths (JGri) Patient Experience Lead
Jo Keen (JK) Tukes Commercial Manager











Apologies were received from Kate Pawlowska, Kristina Fletcher, Anna Morgan and Jane Lewington












The Chair noted that as there was a minimum of one Executive Director, one officer of NAViGO and at least one Elected Staff Member Representative and one Elected Community Member Representative present the meeting was quorate.


The Chair invited members to declare any interests conflicting with agenda items to be discussed at the meeting.


No declarations were made.












Approval of Notes – The notes of the September meeting were agreed as a true and accurate reflection.


The carers group will be trialling making the face masks.

John is attending meetings with regards men’s sheds, and publicity around them. Some finance is available through HCV, John to meet with Jo to progress.

Planning permission has been granted for a Cleethorpes shed, and they have voiced that they would like NAViGO to be involved.

Amy to attend meetings alongside John to support with regards the membership.

University and medical placements have restarted.

Groups and volunteers are on resilience plan which is an agenda item.
























AGM is taking place this week with a focus on celebrating diversity.

Permission has been gained for further international recruitment.

Ground floor of NAViGO House is now open.  

Core24 goes live today.

4 significant bids coming up –

  • Perinatal service currently has 1.5 members of staff, this will increase to 6 by March 2021 and to 12 by the end of 2022.
  • Maternal service to include losing children due to still born, miscarriage and social service involvement.
  • Crisis transformational money focusing on 4 projects – Safespace, increasing the establishment in home treatment, 24/7 crisis line in conjunction with Rethink, MHERV – Mental Health Emergency Response Vehicle.
  • Transformational funding for Community mental health services


All services remain at level 3, this is continually reviewed. Escalation plans are being developed to consider increased sickness levels over the coming months.

















Currently 8% staff absence.

Workforce have obtained a number of swabs specifically for symptomatic staff.

The staff survey has been sent out, as an incentive to complete it there will be a random prize draw for 5 x £50 vouchers.

Flu vaccines have been received, the official launch day is Monday 5th October. This year’s incentive has been increased to 30 x £50 vouchers.

It was decided by Senior managers in 2019 that due to the organisations targets for flu vaccines, staff who had their vaccine in 2019 would receive a Christmas hamper in 2020. This has been extended and staff now have the opportunity to have the vaccine in October to qualify for this year’s hamper.  












In the spotlight Garden Centre Development




Jo Keen shared a presentation showcasing the garden centre development.

Shipping containers will be utilised by independent traders, and be used to increase retail provision.

There will be a green living wall, and a green barn facility which will contain a small coffee shop and toilets. It will host farmers markets, NAViGO events and also be available to hire.

The building will be solar powered, rain harvesting, and have composting toilets. 

Pre-covid Café Blue struggled with demand for seating and available space in the kitchen. Therefore the café will be expanded enabling an increased menu, and more training opportunities.

The road around the perimeter will be reallocated to create a new parking area to the side.

A pond will be made to help with rain water and drainage.

This is a 3 year phased development dependant on income and money available. The café is the first phase and has been approved through CiC board.

















In the spotlight schedule




Anna attended the last reps meeting and agreed a schedule for future “In the Spotlight”. This was approved.

Anna to contact those presenting each month and invite to the meeting.










Member Applications




All approved - further detail to be acquired for the 4th on the list.








Community and Staff Representative Update




Risk assessments have been undertaken for all groups, more essential groups such as Dementia carers and Forget me nots will recommence face to face, but the time will be reduced. Other groups will continue via zoom.

Links made with Brocklesby Lodge to and amendments made to the activities in groups to ensure that the service users are able to participate.


Suggestion to liaise with sites via zoom to discuss any entries in their suggestion boxes as these cannot be collected at the present time.


Reps are meeting with Gemma Rhodes regards mechanical restraints, hope to make a demonstration video to share with staff and the membership.

They will ensure that jargon is not used and that it is made clear that these would only be used as last resort for someone’s safety.

Any use of the restraints would require authorisation from an executive team member, and would be brought to Membership board in order to ensure governance process is followed.

It was confirmed that the sale of training for soft cuffs is not the driving force behind this discussion.


Courtney has been distributing 256256 cards to local business including a food bank. The focus will now be on reaching the male population.  

Suggestion to ask retailers to add a message with the contact number to the bottom of their till receipts. Jo advised that this will be done at the Garden Centre. Amy and Courtney to contact companies to request this.

Query if could link QR codes to the card, Amy to look into.  

Richard to provide Courtney with contact details of Mary Vickers who co-ordinates all food banks for the area.


The We Are One Foundation are experiencing storage issues for their white goods, possibility that if we are able to assist with this service users could access the items. Courtney to produce a paper and attend the next Gardiner Hill Foundation meeting to request their involvement.


A paper is being produced regarding supporting community and staff reps if they are unwell. This will be finalised and brought to the November meeting.




















































10.1 Tukes Operational Policy

The policy has been refreshed. Employability discussions will be brought to Membership board going forwards. Policy approved.








2020 Community mental health survey




The results of the survey will be made public in November.  








Resilience Plan




The paper has been developed across the organisation, and all levels are described under the document.

Level 1 model is present, but unable to accurately predict what will be possible at that time. The document will stay live and be continually reviewed and brought to Membership board when required.

An outbreak management plan has been developed which plans for various scenarios with staffing levels.

Lynsey to check with Anna Morgan as to whether Hospital manager hearings are captured in the document.



















13.1 Virtual book club

The logo was chosen by members of the NAViGO Groups and Activities Facebook group. A Gardiner Hill Foundation grant application has been submitted for the first books.

The group will be limited to 10 places in order to create meaningful conversations. Level of interest from areas will be determined, and a waiting list will be developed if required.

The intended start date is 4th November. It was agreed that Yaz use her reps email address for the expressions of interest.

Yaz to liaise with Comms regarding promotion of the group, and GDPR implications to be looked into along with governance prior to the launch.  

Suggestion to ask the author of the first book to attend a book signing to support.

The virtual book club was approved, along with the documents created.


It was confirmed that all resolutions at the AGM were passed, any questions submitted will be addressed.





















Thursday 5th November 2020, 9.30 am via zoom.

Please forward apologies to


Papers for the meeting can be obtained from Nicola Carroll.