Jane Lewington (JL) Chief Executive - Chair

Simon Beeton (SB) Deputy Chief Executive

Julie Gray (JG) Head of Corporate Affairs/Company Secretary

John Tucker (JT) Elected Community Member Representative

Craig Champion (CC) Elected Community Member Representative

Pam Bendle (PB) Elected Community Member Representative

Kelly Moore (KM) Elected Staff Member Representative                                   

Richard Watson (RW) Head of Workforce and Development

Mark Peplow (MP) Elected Staff Member Representative

Tom Hunter (TH) Chair

Kate Pawlowska (KP) Elected Staff Member Representative

Nicola Carroll (NC) Membership Board Secretary

Sam O’Brien (SOB) Community Member

Marie Fitzgerald (MF) Community Member

Jo Keen (JK) Tukes Commercial Manager

Anna Morgan (AM) Head of Business Development

Kristina Parker (KP) Communications and Marketing Lead 

Annie Darby (AD) Service Development Manager

Lynsey Ford (LF) Legal Affairs Manager

Zaffer Iqbal (ZI) Clinical Director Psychological Services - agenda item 4

Claire Withers (CW) Freedom to Speak Up Guardian

Gill Hobson (GH) Business Development Manager - agenda item 17.1



  •  Apologies were received from Mike Reeve, Kristina Fletcher, Amy Quickfall, Courtney Peet and Jennifer Clarke.


  • The Chair noted that as there was a minimum of one Executive Director, one officer of NAViGO and at least one Elected Staff Member Representative and one Elected Community Member Representative present the meeting was quorate.
  • The Chair invited members to declare any interests conflicting with agenda items to be discussed at the meeting. 
  • Declaration of Interests was received from Simon Beeton and Jane Lewington in relation to Agenda Item 13; Succession Planning and Annie Darby for Agenda Item 12, Care4all.


  • Approval of Notes – The notes of the April meeting were agreed as a true and accurate reflection. 
  • Kelly confirmed that 2 carers contacted the 24/7 helpline between January and March. 
  • Julie has contacted the Estates lead at NLAG to query if the newly designed A & E building will meet the required specification for mental health assessments and will feedback their response.
  • In Amy’s absence it was confirmed that work is still ongoing regards a male lead. To be discussed at Senior Manager’s meeting as a potential development opportunity. Kelly to liaise with Anna.  
  • Post Meeting Note – Amy confirmed that a draft bereavement policy and flow chat have been circulated to EIP for comments and that she is in contact with Jo and Carolyn Beck regarding Suicide prevention and will update in due course.


  • Zaffer attended for this agenda item and shared a presentation. 
  • Interviews have been delayed as they need to be performed face to face due to their nature and Covid restrictions have prevented this. 
  • Looked at the 8 most long-term cases with continuing need, each averaged at 16.5 years in receipt of mental health services, and none had suffered with their mental health until they joined the armed forces. 
  • Service users have volunteered into project, which has ensured good will to what is being done and a local understanding. 
  • From the 8 cases audited it is clear that veterans are more likely to have alcohol abuse problems at older age and anger issues. 
  • In the next week the service delivery model will be finalised and will be actively monitored to ensure that veterans are not missed. 
  • The business plan for the bespoke service is due July 2021, and June will be spent obtaining feedback from stakeholders and inviting them to make links to the service. 


  • 82% vaccination rate among staff includes 60% who have received their 2nd vaccination. 
  • Work continues with Primary Care regarding their serious mental illness register to ensure that they are accurate and support them to provide annual physical health checks. 
  • Also working with Primary Care to identify those with a serious mental illness who have not had a covid vaccination and support where required.
  • Services stepped down to level 2 from 7th April. 
  • IAPT continue to operate a hybrid service as they have seen decreasing DNA rates and an increase in the recording of successful recovery.
  • Most infrastructure staff have confirmed that they would like to work a hybrid model, they will be required to work a minimum of 40% of their working hours in the office and the rest from home. 
  • Groups will move back to face to face from June. 
  • Café’s will reopen from 17th May.
  • NAViGO have been asked to provide a diagnostic autism service to North Lincolnshire and asked to lead a group across Humber Coast and Vale to review autism service models and the level of investment needed for autism support.
  • Section 136 suite is to be relocated to allow Brocklesby lodge to be used for work with North Lincolnshire to bring people on out of area placements back into the local area.  
  • The results for the Best companies survey have been released and NAViGO are in the top 100. The placings will be announced on 21st May. Richard to circulate details of the online event.  


  • Paper provided showed one application had been received.
  • Staff Members 494
  • Community Members 270 
  • The application was approved. 


  • Pam has arranged to visit Hope Court fortnightly to engage with service users and is hoping to do the same at Harrison House. 
  • The joint working with We Are One Foundation regards a white goods scheme is ongoing. 
  • Dates and times of Reps meetings and Your Voice to be forwarded to Claire Withers in order for the Freedom To Speak Up role to link into these.


  • The carer’s strategy is being developed and will be brought to a future meeting once finalised. 
  • Groups will restart face to face gradually from 8th June. 
  • An event will take place in the gardens of Your place to celebrate Carer’s week from 7th June. 
  • Kelly to provide information to comms and a slide for the staff webinar in order to promote and raise awareness. 


Communications and Marketing

  • All local primary schools have been provided with growing packs. 
  • ITV Calendar filmed at Little Coates school and publicised the garden centre. 
  • The Mental Health Week theme of connecting with nature will be promoted and linked to the Great British Spring Clean where NAViGO will be pledging miles as an organisation. 
  • NAViGO are again sponsoring the Grimsby 10k and will have a team of 20 staff, volunteers and service users taking part. A branded presence will be at People’s Park for the end and running activities will be arranged leading up to the event. 
  • A promotional video for Open Minds which will be shown in GP
  • screens, and work is being done for the Self referral link to work on
  • GP websites.
  • The Grimsby Garden Centre café new name and branding will be revealed shortly. Local influencers have been advised of the reopening and encouraged to attend.  
  • 360 tours of the facilities are being prepared and will be utilised to aid recruitment as well as enhancing the service user experience.


  • Your voice will take place on 14th May, the focus of the meeting will be Mental Health week and connecting with nature. 
  • Links are being made with Think to Speak regards training packages for the LGBT support group.
  • As volunteers and carers week overlap an event has been scheduled for 7th June to incorporate both.


  • No policies were brought.

11.1 Finance

  • Members received Paper 11.1 for information. 
  • The following points were noted –
  • Overspend on operating expenses is due to covid, these will be reimbursed by the CCG.
  • Underspend on staffing is due to vacancies being covered by agency staff. 
  • Community underspend is due to reduction in travel claims during restrictions. 
  • Medical staffing overspend is due to locum consultants being utilised. 
  • Capital expenditure includes Grimsby Garden Centre café extension and the remainder of the ground floor or NAViGO House. Both projects are expected to be finished on budget. 
  • Savings and efficiencies – the majority of the income generation planned has not happened due to restrictions, however savings have been made elsewhere.  
  • Eprescribing pilot is ongoing, Simon to confirm the date this is going live. 
  • Review of office space is ongoing and it was confirmed that the intention is to move the AMHP team to Harrison House.  


  • Care4all is a local charity working with people with learning disabilities and providing meals on wheels. It has shared ethos and values with NAViGO and as such we have worked increasingly closely with a number of issues such as the Eleanor apartments. CIC board have approved Care4all becoming part of the NAViGO group. As Care4all and NAViGO own ACE homecare the intention is that this would also join the group. These would then be incorporated into one subsidiary; this will be complete by 1st October. 


  • As announced at AGM of 2020 Tom Hunter will formally be stepping down in September 2021.
  • Jane Lewington has expressed a wish to reduce her work commitment, therefore collectively a good option would be that Jane would become Chair and Simon become Chief Executive.
  • This would provide continuity as the incoming Chief Executive has previously been the deputy and would have a mentor available in Jane for support and development. 
  • Recommendation from CIC board is to ask membership board for this proposal to be brought to the AGM as a resolution. 
  • This was unanimously agreed with no oppositions. 
  • A staff and membership release will be issued today.


  • The responses from the recent survey sent out to members fed into and were the same as the priorities agreed by the Integrated Care Partnership of domestic abuse, integrated community teams, intermediate and transitional care, review of therapies and diagnostic hubs.


  • Intention to bring all service areas together to review what would like for their areas and what is realistically possible. The plan will be brought back to membership board when finalised.  
  • John to meet with Simon, Janine, Jo and Julie to take forwards. 


  • The service user awards are open, any nominations need to be sent as soon as possible as the deadline for submission is mid-June. 

17.1 CPP

  • Gill Hobson shared a presentation.  
  • NAViGO have been approached by Creative People and Places regarding a 3-year funded project for arts and culture. The project delivery would commence April 2022. The focus is on areas where involvement in arts and culture is below the national average to enhance and enrich lives and wellbeing with arts. 
  • The project would cover North East Lincolnshire and lead organisations apply on behalf of a consortium and would be responsible for the management of funding etc. 
  • There is a requirement for matched funding which would be provided by consortium members, some support can be in kind. NAViGO would receive a management fee as the accountable body. 
  • Attendees approved an official expression of interest be submitted, and for communication with potential partners to take place. 

17.2 Change of time to 10am

  • Attendees approved changing the time of future meetings to 10am due to a regular clash with another recurring meeting. Nicola to amend the invitations.
  • It was agreed that the next “In the Spotlight” would be Resilience Hub and support for staff at NLAG. 


  • Thursday 3rd June 2021, 10am via zoom.
  • Please forward apologies to
  • Papers for the meeting. Papers can be obtained from Nicola Carroll.