Simon Beeton (SB) Chief Executive (Chair)
Pam Bendle (PB) Elected Community Member Representative
Nikki Cadman (NC) Elected Staff Member Representative
Julie Gray (JG) Head of Corporate Affairs/Company Secretary
Joanne Keen (JK) Elected Staff Member Representative
Bradley King (BK) Elected Staff Member Representative
Anna Morgan (AM) Executive Director of Corporate Services
Rachael Ogley (RO) Elected Community Member Representative
Courtney Peet (CP) Elected Community Member Representative
Mike Reeve (MR) Deputy Chief Executive
Aamer Sajjad (ASa) Medical Director
Amanda Simpson (ASi) Director of Nursing and Quality
John Tucker (JT) Elected Community Member Representative
Gertrude Wadieh (GW) Elected Staff Member Representative
Richard Watson (RW) Assistant Director People & Organisational Development


Laura Cook (LC) Practitioner
Annie Darby (AD) Service Development Manager
Lynsey Ford (LF) Legal Affairs Manager
Jackie Griffiths (JGr) Patient Experience Lead
Kyle Harvey (KH) Community Member
Kelly Moore (KM) Volunteering Co-ordinator
Rebekah Myers (RM) Workforce and Training
Sam O’Brien (SOB) Community Member
Amy Quickfall (AQ) Engagement and Projects Manager
Sarah Wicks (SW) Corporate Affairs
Claire Withers (CW) Training


Apologies were received from Mike Reeve and George Baker.  Richard Watson would be joining at 10.30am.

Attendees were welcomed to the meeting and introductions were made.



The Chair noted that as there was a minimum of one Executive Director, one officer of NAViGO and at least one Elected Staff Member Representative and one Elected Community Member Representative present the meeting was quorate.

The Chair invited members to declare any interests conflicting with agenda items to be discussed at the meeting; no declarations were received. 



Amy took us through her presentation.  Despite all the pressures from COVID there was excellent engagement from all areas.  Community engagement was the highest it has been for 4 years.

Anna noted that many of the comments related to work that is already in progress and will help shape how things are taken forward.

Anna also suggested that, because a lot of the recommendations are in progress that, rather than voting on them all, as suggested in December’s meeting, that we look to see what additional pieces of work there are (not currently in progress) that we feel are a priority and vote on those.

Anna is also going to produce a ‘You Said - We’re Doing’ document to highlight what work we are currently undertaking and giving everyone the opportunity to feed into those pieces.

To come back in April with an outline of what the Workplan looks like and discuss whether there any other ideas that aren’t reflected in the plan.  

We can then decide on which ones we want to take forward.


Approval of Notes – The notes of the meeting were agreed as a true and accurate reflection.

Action Tracker – actions discussed and Tracker updated.


5. Monthly COVID Update (Simon Beeton)

Government have now lifted all COVID restrictions, and we are now ‘Living with COVID’.

Navigo staff absence hovering at c.5% – 7%

Services are stable – we are at Internal Escalation 2.

COVID vaccinations for staff – 1st Dose 97%.  2nd Dose 94% and 3rd Dose 63%.

Richard W advised that the Mandatory Vaccination as a Condition of Deployment (VCOD) has now been formally revoked.

We have an ample supply of LFT’s, and they are also available free from for NHS staff.

We are still asking staff to self-isolate if they test positive and we are maintaining social distancing and mask wearing within the buildings.

Simon explained about the issue raised in The Guardian newspaper about the Shout text service who are being investigated by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) for allegedly using service user data for research purposes without explicitly telling the users. Simon explained that this is nothing to do with NAViGO but we do signpost some 
service users to Shout.  We are unable to comment until after the investigation because at the moment it is a rumour.  We will continue signpost service users to them until the results of the investigation.

Bradley King explained how services users could make sure that their information is wiped from Shout's systems.

Our Data Protection Officer has stated that the information on Shout’s website is acceptable apart from the placement of their privacy notice.  

Discussion regarding the Shout service where it transpired that it is a very mixed experience and that often service users often have very long response times.  Based on a discussion with Sam O’Brien it was agreed that the qualitative issues of Shout would be picked up off-line.



6 new applications received – all passed and accepted.



Community survey completed and the reps are meeting next week to analyse the results.  There was a 10% response rate.

Sarah Wicks gave presentation at the meeting which showed that 1/3 of members haven’t entered any interests so need to understand what the members are interested in.

Discussed accessibility tools on the NAViGOweb-site.

Bradley said that we now have the data that shows which areas within NAViGOare staff members and means we can do some more specific targeting.

Mike Reeve advised that the CCG and Autism Board have pulled together a strategy and felt it would be beneficial if the members got involved in this. Mike will arrange for Helen Aklam to come and present the strategy to reps, clinicians and service users.  

8. CARERS UPDATE (Kelly Moore)

Kelly talked us through her paper.  Janice has done a referral for some budget which has been awarded and art materials have been purchased.

Explanation about the Carers Awards for being Carer Friendly Organisation.  If anyone would like to look at the proposal for Levels 1 and Level 2 awards, please contact Kelly.

Simon asked all attendees to reflect upon the question ‘Do you think that we, as an organisation, are on a journey to supporting carers as well as we can be?

Discussion regarding the ‘terminology’ used to try and engage more carers - not just when they initially become a carer but throughout the different points in their journey when they may need our support - making sure that we maintain contact. Responsibility to continue our support for up to 2 years once the cared for has been discharged from our service.



Bradley talked us through the paper.  

Nurtrio merger activity picking up – branding, website, uniforms, signage etc.  Simon explained that we are on target for 1 April launch for the merger between Ace Homecare, Navigo Extra and Care4All known as Nurtrio, under the Navigo brand. Launch event on 4 April to welcome the c.150 new staff members into the organisation.

John T asked if we would be signing them up as staff members.  Simon explained that due to the legalities not sure if it is possible.  However, they can apply to become community members.

ENGAGEMENT (Amy Quickfall)

2nd phase of Personality Disorder Engagement.  Starting to create focus groups.  Need to have advanced practitioners in attendance.  Sorting out dates.

Different communications between Navigo and Andy’s Mans Club which has let to expectations of service users not being met.  Need to sort out consistent communication and messaging. Meeting being arranged to discuss.

Courtney has been working with Sarah Heaton on the FREED Network and how we can promote that in schools and colleges.

Courtney now sitting on the transitional panel with NE Lincs Council in the capacity of a young adult peer coach.

Katrina Goodhand who used to work for the police and now works at Rethink will be attending next meeting to understand what we do.



No policies were received.



11.1 MEDICAL STAFFING (Aamer Sajjad)

Explained the medical appraisal process – how we manage doctors’ licences and re-validation.  All of our doctors due, were re-validated and are fit to practice.

The paper regarding the junior doctors’ monitoring wasn’t available.  This is provided by the Guardian of Safe Working who is employed by NL and Goole Trust.  AS will send out for next meeting.

Guardian of Safe Working can penalise us if a doctor is exceeding working hours.  There are quarterly meetings and we have never been penalised and are not expecting any surprises this quarter.

Agreed that this report needs to go to CIC Board.


Amy talked through the paper on behalf of Stuart. 30 volunteers needed to marshal the Grimsby 10K – falls on the jubilee weekend.

Reminder that when ordering anything on Amazon, please use Amazon Smile and choose Gardiner Hill Foundation as nominated charity.

Request for Communications to push Amazon Smile.

John Tucker asked for dates when grant applications can be made. Grant requests can looked at on an urgent basis or put through to be discussed at the 6-weekly meetings.

Anyone can refer themselves for a grant, but it is much easier when a referee can put the referral in – someone who has been dealing with the service user e.g. care co-ordinator.

Jo Keen asked if One Front Door could be the funnel for applications for grants to Gardiner Hill so that all other avenues have been looked at.  All agreed.



Kelly talked through the paper.  COVID has stopped progress in the volunteer programme however, things are starting to move again.

New volunteer who will be leading an Art group.  Planned for 6 weeks and first class is already full.

Request for help to sort out insurance for Body Nurturing Classes.

Hoping to get volunteers back into Harrison House and Older People’s.

Amy pointed out that there are discussions about a staff ball so need to ensure that there isn’t a clash of dates with volunteers’ awards night.




Revised set sent out and assumed as read.  Simon explained the 4 additional objectives:

  • Performance against our indicators
  • Oversight of relevant risks on corporate risk register
  • Oversight of relevant entries on the workplan
  • Approval of any relevant policies

ToR’s approved.

Kyle asked whether his suggestion regarding the back of Harrison House had gone any further and Mike Reeve reported that it was on the Health and Social Care agenda.

12.2 SPONSORSHIP (Amy Quickfall)

Amy asked if Navigo would like to sponsor Ellis and MIND £500 to run the London Marathon.  In return he would help support on the Grimsby 5K run.

Concerns raised about Navigo sponsoring another Charity other than Gardiner Hill.  Mike Reeve sits on the board of MIND and so declared a conflict of interests.

It was agreed not to sponsor Ellis as an organisation but individuals can.

We need to draft a policy on sponsorship and bring to the membership board.

Gertrude asked if we could set up a sponsored walk to raise funds for Gardiner Hill.  Amy will look into this.


Anna advised that Navigo have arranged drop-off points for donated items to help those in Ukraine.  A list of items needed and drop of points have gone out in Communications. To be delivered on 8/9 March.  We will continue to collect and deliver donations.