Jane Lewington (JL) Chief Executive - Chair
Simon Beeton (SB) Deputy Chief Executive
Aamer Sajjad (AS) Medical Director
Mike Reeve (MR) Chief Operating Officer
Julie Gray (JG) Head of Corporate Affairs/Company Secretary
Richard Watson (RW) Head of Workforce and Development
John Tucker (JT) Elected Community Member Representative
Courtney Peet (CP) Elected Community Member Representative
Kate Pawlowksa (KPaw) Elected Staff Member Representative
Mark Peplow (MP) Elected Staff Member Representative
Craig Champion (CC) Elected Community Member Representative
Pam Bendle (PB) Elected Community Member Representative
Kelly Moore (KM) Elected Staff Member Representative                                   
Richard Melling (RM) Elected Staff Member Representative


Nicola Carroll (NC) Membership Board Secretary
Kristina Fletcher (KF) Assistant Director of Community Health and Wellbeing Services
Sam O’Brien (SOB) Community Member
Jennifer Clarke (JC) Community Member
Amy Quickfall (AQ) Engagement and Projects Manager
Jackie Griffiths (JGri) Patient Experience Lead
Jo Keen (JK) Tukes Commercial Manager
Anna Morgan (AM) Head of Business Development
Kristina Parker (KP) Communications and Marketing Lead 
Annie Darby (AD) Service Development Manager
Marie Fitzgerald (MF) Community Member
Stuart Leafe (SL) NAViGO Staff Member
Nikki Cadman (NCad) NAViGO Staff Member
Ruth Jonsson (RJ) NAViGO Staff Member













Apologies were received from Lynsey Ford, Janine Smith and Amanda Simpson












The Chair noted that as there was a minimum of one Executive Director, one officer of NAViGO and at least one Elected Staff Member Representative and one Elected Community Member Representative present the meeting was quorate.


The Chair invited members to declare any interests conflicting with agenda items to be discussed at the meeting.


No declarations were made.













Approval of Notes – The notes of the February meeting were agreed as a true and accurate reflection.













84% of NAViGO staff have received their first covid vaccination, some staff are unable to receive the vaccine due to other conditions and some have declined the offer. Professor Cowling is to reattend the staff webinar to reassure those who are apprehensive about receiving the vaccine.


Services are beginning to move from level 4 to level 3 from 8th March. Open Minds, CMHT and Psychology will be performing initial assessments face to face and visiting will resume on inpatient units. This will be reviewed in April alongside the Government guidelines and will be driven by service user choice.

In order to utilise available space for clinical consultations, a room booking system is being developed for NAViGO House. Many staff have appreciated a better work/life balance when working from home so those benefits will continue where possible.


NAViGO are providing mutual aid with Hull for older people’s beds and are supporting North Lincolnshire with adult acute beds.

The 24/7 support line is now also supporting Northern Lincolnshire.

Funding has been confirmed for Safespace to continue long term and has been approved for the development of Perinatal and Maternal mental health services. All services will help the families and carers of the people involved, and a helpline has been launched to support men with the grief experienced when losing a child.

















Anna Morgan provided a presentation regarding the changes being made to how NHS organisations work together using integrated care.


Formal partnership arrangements are being made, and funding for the local population will be managed by providers. Decisions will be made alongside new commissioners, enabling them to fulfil the overall needs of the area.

The Integrated Care Partnership for the area should be ready in shadow form by April 2021. The members are to agree three initial priorities and intend to engage with the local population to influence these.  

From April 22 the priorities will be driven by population health and inequality data. The key areas highlighted with a growing need in light of covid are alcohol misuse, domestic abuse and smoking. The area is above the England average for hypertension, cardiovascular disease and dementia therefore focussing on improvements in these areas could reduce acute spend and increase life expectancy.

A survey will be sent out to staff and community members for their views on the priorities.

Intermediate care is focussing on supporting people in the home to reduce hospital admissions and assist discharge.




























The intention is to build social connectivity to make every contact count.  

Work is being done with PCN’s to ensure that people are on the mental health register where applicable and receiving annual health checks.












Paper provided showed 1 application had been received.


All members of the board agreed the application was approved. The three applications that required ratifying from the February meeting were also approved. 


Staff Members 495


Community Members 265












Ways to encourage attendance at Membership Board are being explored.


Discussions around partnership working with the We Are One Foundation are ongoing. Feedback will be provided at the April meeting.


Amy shared a video regarding the NHS rainbow badge scheme.

All agreed for NAViGO to become part of the scheme. Amy, Mike, Richard, Courtney and Kristina to liaise regards the guidelines to setting this up and communicating to staff and service users.

Proposal to roll out training regarding LGBT+ across the organisation.


The reps advised that they sometimes felt overlooked when attending meetings, and highlighted jargon being used across the organisation. Julie is liaising with chairs of meetings and ensuring that pre meetings are available and introductions are made.

Simon and Julie to look at ideas to ensure that meetings are inclusive, and people are comfortable to challenge when jargon is used. Suggestion to provide acronyms on the meeting papers. Lynsey is contacting chairs to refresh the terms of reference of meetings.


Courtney was congratulated on her new role as non-executive director.


A meeting is scheduled to review how Kick start placements will run alongside the current volunteers.


Joint working opportunities with Now and Beyond charity are being identified.


































Carers are being supported via phone and cancellations have reduced due to this. Kelly to determine whether the 24/7 phone line has impacted on carers assessments and feedback at next meeting.












A standard letter is to be sent to all carers inviting them for a covid vaccination. The paper provides a link to a webinar for people caring for people with learning disability and autism to assist with discussions regarding the vaccine.


The new carers strategy is being developed and will be brought to a future meeting for approval.



















CIC board agreed to mechanical restraints being used for a trial period. This will be monitored by Clinical Governance Committee, and a formal evaluation of the pilot will be performed.


Hoping to commission SHOUT with NAViGO in order to review usage of the service to potentially develop this ourselves.


3 community members are required to assist with reviewing the recovery vehicle. These are being identified.


Work is ongoing with Sequoia and the Now and Beyond charity to remove the stigma for borderline personality disorder.


Support available for schools is being publicised via a headteachers letter prior to schools returning on 8th March.


Comms and Marketing

Domestic abuse awareness week will be publicised via social media and the wellbeing magazine, both will signpost to local services.


Plans for NAViGO’s 10 year anniversary celebrations are ongoing.


Interviews have taken place with local media regarding the new rehab accommodation, the cost savings and floral hall.


The marketing plans for Café Blue and a calendar of events planned over the next 4 months were distributed prior to the meeting. The calendar will be revisited dependant on changing restrictions etc.


Feedback sessions are being arranged for the updated website.


































10.1 Health and Safety Policy – to ratify

10.2 Social Value Policy – to ratify

10.3 SPA 24/7 Operational Policy – to ratify

10.4 IP Policy

10.5 Environmental Waste Contractors policy


All policies brought were approved and the three policies from the February meeting were ratified.














The paper provided an overview of the feedback received regarding future objectives.







Staff highlighted that they would like staff webinars, working from home and staff support to continue.

They advised that online appointments had worked well in most services and asked that technology to allow recording of assessments be focused on.

A text message service is to be explored in order to engage with the membership in an alternative way.

The feedback will be analysed, with objectives then being added to the workplan or dealt with by specific teams.   












12.1 Medical Staffing: Medical Appraisal and Revalidation and Safe Working – It was confirmed that all doctors’ appraisals and revalidations were completed within the timescales set by NHS England. Aamer to provide an update at the next meeting regarding the medical staffing recruitment plan.


12.2 Gardiner Hill Foundation

The paper provided shows the current financial position including existing commitments.

New trustees have commenced in their role.

Caravan bookings and fundraising activities have been affected by the pandemic. Gardiner Hill has been accepted as Market Rasen Racecourse Charity of the Year for 2022/23 – this is subject to change dependant on the pandemic.

All properties are currently occupied.


12.3 Volunteers

Some volunteers have continued to support with virtual groups and assisted with interviews throughout the pandemic.

Over the next quarter all volunteers will be contacted in preparation for when face to face meetings can resume. Kelly to review the government guidance regarding when groups can resume where they have a therapeutic benefit.  


































Right Care Right Place

Negotiations are ongoing to ensure that section 136 detentions are dealt with correctly. It is proposed that the police and mental health providers work together as a street triage. Mike to provide a report for a future meeting.


Wellbeing at home toolkit

NAViGO have engaged with a social care charity who have produced a range of desk exercises and a workbook to promote wellbeing at home. These will be shared in the coming weeks.


Award submissions

The comms team have identified awards for mental health services during covid, submissions to be made for the 24/7 helpline team and the vulnerable service user team.

Sally to share information with Amy for any further submissions.

All attendees approved the submissions detailed.


“In the Spotlight”

Members requested a general update on Safespace, including the numbers attending for the “In the spotlight” for April.



























Thursday 6th May 2021, 9.30am via zoom.

Please forward apologies to


Papers for the meeting

Papers can be obtained from Nicola Carroll.