Simon Beeton (SB) Chief Executive (Chair)
Aamer Sajjad (AS) Medical Director
Anna Morgan (AM) Executive Director of Corporate Services
Bradley King (BK) Elected Staff Member Representative
Courtney Peet (CP) Elected Community Member Representative
Craig Champion (CC) Elected Community Member Representative
Gertrude Wadieh (GW) Elected Staff Member Representative
Janine Smith (JS) Chief Operating Officer
Joanne Keen (JK) Elected Staff Member Representative
John Tucker (JT) Elected Community Member Representative
Julie Gray (JG) Head of Corporate Affairs/Company Secretary
Nikki Cadman (NC) Elected Staff Member Representative
Pam Bendle (PB) Elected Community Member Representative
Richard Watson (RW) Assistant Director People & Organisational Development


Amy Quickfall (AQ) Engagement and Projects Manager
Annie Darby (AD) Service Development Manager
Claire Withers (CW) Training Practitioner
Dianne Clark (DC) Operations Manager Tukes
Ian Ferguson (IF) Training Contractor
Jackie Griffiths (JGr) Patient Experience Lead
Jennifer Clarke (JC) Community Member
Kelly Moore (KM) Volunteering Co-ordinator
Kristina Parker (KP) Communications and Marketing Lead
Kyle Harvey (KH) Community Member
Lynsey Ford (LF) Legal Affairs Manager
Michael Palmer (MP) Senior Operations Manager
Rachael Ogley (RO) Community Member
Sam O’Brien (SOB) Community Member
Sarah Wicks (SW) Staff Member

1. Welcome and Apologies

Apologies were received from Mike Reeve and George Baker.  Richard Watson would be joining at 10.30am. Attendees were welcomed to the meeting and introductions were made.


2. Quorum and Declaration of Interests

The Chair noted that as there was a minimum of one Executive Director, one officer of NAViGO and at least one Elected Staff Member Representative and one Elected Community Member Representative present the meeting was 
The Chair invited members to declare any interests conflicting with agenda items to be discussed at the meeting; no declarations were received. 



Approval of Notes – The notes of the meeting were agreed as a true and accurate reflection.

Action Tracker – actions discussed and Tracker updated.



Kelly Moore shared NAViGO Carers Update presentation focussing on strategy.

A concern was raised that the work that the Carers Support Service and NAViGO don’t appear to be co-ordinated.  Kelly explained both have service level agreements with CCG but suggested they could set up a group at the Carers Centre to come together to work in partnership.

Amy Quickfall explained that (pre-COVID) there was a package of training that was given to Carers and there was an on-line training package initially aimed at managers and staff could feed into it.

Discussion regarding strategy to stretch the reach of Carers and obtaining data for pattern of usage at the groups held i.e. is it a few Carers using many services or many carers using less services?

Discussion regarding how to communicate with, and include people who, don’t see themselves as carers (informal carers). Agreed to set some internal targets to increase numbers in this area.

Carer’s referrals have started coming in from One Front Door.

Simon Beeton reflected on the work done around Carer’s over the last 4-5 years and, while recognising that there is still work to do, it has been an amazing journey.  

Suggested that Julie Gray co-ordinates a group set stretching targets for Carer’s Agenda.

5. MONTHLY COVID 19 UPDATE (Simon Beeton)

Incident Management are still meeting twice weekly to discuss what is happening with COVID and how we respond to it.
Biggest issue is staff absence through either infection or self-isolation particularly in units and wards where face to face care takes place. Staff absence has started to stabilise (c.8% with ½ of that COVID related).

Most services are now back to escalation Level 2 which means that face to face activity can resume but this is up to the service users to decide.  Inpatient facilities remain at Level 3.

Now actively encouraging staff to begin returning to NAViGO House with also risk protocols in place.

Flowcharts being communicated with information on what to do in different scenarios regarding testing and isolation. NAViGO are doing more that we are being mandated to.

It was understood that Vaccination as a Condition of Employment (VCOD) was being mandated for any staff working on CQC regulated activities had to be double vaccinated by 31 March 2022 or lose their roles. The government have 
now done a U-Turn because they feel that Omicron is not as dangerous as first expected and they recognised that c.5% of NHS staff had not had their vaccinations which would mean losing a significant number of staff.

NAViGO are only working with 18 staff members who are not vaccinated – 11 have refused and we are following up the data for 7 others.

The local position in NE Lincs is that the number of infections in the community are reducing significantly and the older age range appear to be coming out of the peak. The number of people hospital beds in N Lincs and Goole still high.  
Expectation that it will drop off in the next 7-14 days.



17 applications received and approved.

Totals to date - Staff Members 425
                - Community Members 306

Looking at re-launching the purpose and reasoning of memberships.

Pennies from Heaven doesn’t come off bank assignments.


Ideas discussed for staff wellbeing e.g. book vouchers, blue light cards.  Will be discussed in more detail next week in meeting with Anna Morgan and Richard Watson.

Feedback from staff on Lodges that they would like somewhere to take their breaks that is off-site and this tallied with feedback from other sites.  Concern raised that it could create a divide between Staff and Service Users.  Point raised that in Acute, there are intensive 12-hour shift patterns and Staff aren’t paid for their breaks and it is an accreditation standard that Staff have access to a room.  Agreed that the wider picture needs to be looked at. 

Community Reps survey has been finalised.

Poor attendance at drop-ins so suggestion to have a stand-alone Rep Webinar or to tag onto back of Staff Webinar to feedback what has happened at Membership Board.

Reps will be attending inductions from February to introduce themselves and the membership.

Second Men’s Mental Health Group taking place on 10 Feb.  If anyone would like to join, please email Amy or one of the Reps and they will email the link.



Engagement (Amy Quickfall)

Objectives 98% finished.  Need a bit longer because a lot of staff meetings were cancelled in Jan due to COVID and would like to cover all areas. Not a massive response digitally but what has been sent has been very insightful. Eight postal responses as of last week.Main themes have been around Induction, Training and Staff Wellbeing - Workforce have already received a pre-paper.

Electronic Membership Dashboards have been moved back in Performance Team’s workloads.

Young Adult Peer Coach role has taken off.  CP now has 15 Young People (9 of which are young males) on her caseload and referrals are coming from different internal services and outside of the organisation. There have also been referrals from the Young Carers Team.  Suggestion to look at bringing in Volunteers or Learn By Experience people to help with workload.

LGBT+ Group is very successful and has gone weekly. 20 individuals now connected.

Request from schools to set up a res lab for exam stress.

Army Foundation College have asked for a return visit alongside Kooth.

Communications and Marketing (Bradley King)

The paper provided an overview of recent activities.

Perinatal have launched an on-line referral form so people can self-refer.

Call for responses regarding communication about what we can do with the Grange.

Working with local businesses to promote the services that NAViGO can provide to their staff in the workplace with aim to build a database with businesses to arrange relevant conferences and marketing comms.

256% increase on Santa Experience from last year.

269% increase on Breakfast with Santa visits from 2019.

Social media engagement with Garden Centre saw large increases.

Discussed that if British Sign Language comes in as a nationally recognised language NAViGO will need to look at providing interpreters and translators.  This will need to be monitored.



No policies were received.



10.1 Finance (Covered by Simon Beeton)

NAViGO are doing well financially.  C.£800k better position than expected. Number of reasons. Mainly due to the Government putting a lot of money into MH Long Term Plan. Given money to fill roles but there is an under supply of 
relevantly trained staff to fill the vacancies making us down on expenditure.

Up on income due to COVID and number of partners have struggled with the number of beds they have. The flow of people through our beds has been well managed so we have been able to offer out of area beds.

SB stressed that it is important to get engagement and ideas about the future purpose of The Grange.

10.2 Workplan Summary Report (Anna Morgan)

As we have been going through the Agenda, items in the workplan have been ticked off showing how, in this forum, we are feeding back routinely on the workplan and membership objectives. There is great work happening even in the current climate and we are making great progress. Due to time constraints within the meeting, take the report as read.

Next month we want to focus on setting some key workplan objectives for next year and align members to business units / operational areas so that they can be truly engaged in, and actively leading the activities and reporting on them on a regular basis.  Taking ownership, shaping and taking the work forward.  We want truly co-produced services.

Agreed to allocate ‘In the Spotlight’ to Workplan for March meeting.

10.3 Training and Development / Workforce / Bank (Richard Watson)

Changing picture in the last quarter.

Mandatory training sits at 83%.

Safeguarding Board Sub-Committee have clarified that only 1 level of Safeguarding Adults training needs to be completed. Safeguarding Level 3 has launched on-line and will be supplemented with ongoing CPD on a face-to face basis.

Introducing revised process for staff to access study leave via their line manager from April onwards.

Overall figures for vaccination rates are 97% for 1st, 94% for 2nd and 44% for booster (although believe it is more - waiting for data)

Flu campaign has taken a back seat due to COVID and we currently have 55% vaccinated.

Pension changes coming in April which will affect all members of staff in the scheme.  2 proposals - some will have a higher contribution and the contribution of staff who work part will be based upon their actual earnings.  A detailed communication will be sent out.

Underlying absence rates are 3.2% which is very positive.

10.4 Carers Dashboard (Kelly Moore)

Take papers as read.  Admiral January figures are 169 face to face and 499 telephone conversations with service users.

Have received positive feedback.

Suggestion that Admiral Nurses present ‘In The Spotlight’ at a future meeting.

10.5 PALS / Complaints Q3 (Jackie Griffiths)

The paper provided an overview of complaints and concerns received from service users and other local organisations as well as any that are sent from us to other organisations.

Refresh of the complaints policy is being looked at.

Reviewing information provided in PALS report to enable wider picture to be shown.



11.1 North East Lincs Health and Care Partnership Strategy (Anna Morgan)

Paper circulated for information. If any members would like to discuss in more detail, please contact Anna 

The way we work will change due to the changes in the CCG. We need to be able to describe what it is that we are going to do as a Partnership and what makes that different. Each of the Sector Representative are pulling together job cards about what they will be delivering, and this will be reflected in the strategy.

Strategy is clear in that we will develop an ‘All Age’ pathway that is family focused and concentrates on early intervention. Once the strategy is agreed, the next step is how do all the sectors get put it in place. As soon as the full draft has been received, it will be circulated.

Please send any feedback through the Reps.


Not approved.  Simon Beeton will discuss with Lynsey Ford.


It was proposed that the meeting should be extended and start at 9.30 with the ‘In The Spotlight’ as the first item on the Agenda.


Request to push the work that the Horticultural Steering Group – if we don’t use it, we’ll lose it! York University are currently undertaking some research around Horticultural Therapy.

11.5 GARDINER HILL AGM (Amy Quickfall)

Request to hold a seminar at the Gardiner Hill AGM in September was approved.