Jane Lewington (JL) Chief Executive - Chair

Simon Beeton (SB) Deputy Chief Executive

Julie Gray (JG) Head of Corporate Affairs/Company Secretary

John Tucker (JT) Elected Community Member Representative

Courtney Peet (CP) Elected Community Member Representative

Craig Champion (CC) Elected Community Member Representative

Pam Bendle (PB) Elected Community Member Representative

Kelly Moore (KM) Elected Staff Member Representative                                   

Richard Melling (RM) Elected Staff Member Representative

IN ATTENDANCE:                            

Nicola Carroll (NC) Membership Board Secretary

Kristina Fletcher (KF) Assistant Director of Community Health and Well Being Services

Sam O’Brien (SOB) Community Member

Jennifer Clarke (JC) Community Member

Amy Quickfall (AQ) Engagement and Projects Manager

Jackie Griffiths (JGri) Patient Experience Lead

Jo Keen (JK) Tukes Commercial Manager

Anna Morgan (AM) Head of Business Development

Kristina Parker (KP) Communications and Marketing Lead 

Annie Darby (AD) Service Development Manager

Bradley King (BK) NAViGO Staff Member

Lynsey Ford (LF) Legal Affairs Manager

Ali Cook (AC) Access Team Manager – agenda item 5      


  • Apologies were received from Kate Pawlowska and Mark Peplow.    


  • The Chair noted that as there was a minimum of one Executive Director, one officer of NAViGO and at least one Elected Staff Member Representative and one Elected Community Member Representative present the meeting was quorate.
  • The Chair invited members to declare any interests conflicting with agenda items to be discussed at the meeting. 
  • No declarations were made.    


  • Approval of Notes – The notes of the March meeting were agreed as a true and accurate reflection. 
  • Kelly to determine if 24/7 helpline has impacted on carer referrals. 
  • A review of government guidance on groups restarting will be undertaken at the next reps meeting.
  • Right Care Right Person – a phased implementation of changes is being looked at along with the possibility of developing street triage. The proposed start date has been moved to November. 
  • Query raised whether the rebuilding of the A&E department at DPOW will provide accommodation that meets required specification for mental health assessments. Julie to liaise with Estates team at NLAG.    


  • Sickness absence currently at 5%, 1% of which is covid related. Vaccination rate has reduced to 81% due to staff turnover. 
  • All providers are being asked to support service users to engage with the vaccination programme, NAViGO will be contacting their caseload to ensure that any support required is provided.
  • Incident Management Meeting is due to look at NAViGO’s next steps within the national exit plan on 7th April. Services are currently operating at level 3, all new patient first assessments are being performed face to face, with the exception of IAPT. The move to level 2 will be done in line with service user choice. IAPT services are reviewing the model they will be adopting going forwards. Due to a shift to a virtual response, the service user is currently being asked their preference for their initial assessment and if the assessor is concerned, they will then be seen face to face. 
  • Physical health checks for people with a serious mental illness should be performed by a GP annually but numbers locally are very low. NAViGO have agreed to work with GP’s to ensure their SMI register is accurate and perform the checks over the next 12 months. 
  • Plans and proposals for aligning Community Mental Health Teams with Primary Care has been approved and funded with a firm commitment for additional money for mental health services to continue over the next 12 months. 
  • The psychological impact of the increase in NHS waiting lists is being explored along with what support can be provided whilst people are waiting.    


  • Ali Cook attended to present this item.  
  • Safespace won the AGM Project of the Year in 2017 and launched in April 2019, working in partnership with HEY Mind (Humber and East Yorkshire). 
  • The service began running 3 nights per week, but it became clear that the facility was needed more often. Winter pressures funding received in December 2019 allowed the service to run 7 nights a week over the winter months. This reduced to 5 nights when the funding ended. 
  • With the assistance of the performance team Safespace has been operating virtually since the first lockdown, and procedures are now in place to allow face to face sessions for first time users. 
  • All KPI’s were hit by quarter 3, including reduced crisis presentations. 
  • Feedback shows that people would like face to face and virtual services to continue when restrictions are eased, which would require an increase in staffing, and is therefore dependant on funding.       


  • Paper provided showed 4 applications had been received.
  • Staff Members 494
  • Community Members 269
  • All 4 applications were approved.     


  • Kelly is completing a staff membership update. All members will be invited to respond to confirm their details.  
  • Community members will be approached to support with the Carers strategy.
  • Volunteers will be returning to areas soon. Those who have gained employment within NAViGO are being approached to tell their success stories.
  • Groups will continue virtually and face to face when restrictions ease. 
  • A male is required to lead on men’s mental health. Amy to provide a slide for the next staff webinar to publicise and confirm requirements.  
  • A draft proposal for joint working with We Are One foundation to provide storage space is being considered. 
  • A Grow Your Own Sunflower competition and Grow Your Own Herb demonstrations are being looked into. 
  • Trin project in Cleethorpes are keen to enlist new members. This will be publicised in the next community member newsletter. 
  • A paper will be taken to CIC board regarding representation from BAME community. The proposal that the BAME network would elect someone to sit in addition to the reps will be brought to Membership Board when ready and taken to the AGM for formal approval.    


  • Information has been shared by social media and the website regarding covid vaccinations for carers. 
  • Work will take place with service areas to develop the carers strategy ensuring that it is area specific where required. 
  • Easter events are fully booked. Places were restricted to 20 to ensure that interaction is meaningful. Julie and Kelly to develop plan to expand the activities offer over the next 12 months and present to SMT. 
  • £1100 was raised for St Andrews Hospice by the 24 hour Danceathon.    

Communications and Marketing

  • The kindness initiative began with the passing on of daffodils and will be linked into the staff awards and AGM.  
  • New menus and signage are being developed in time for the Garden Centre café reopening. The new name will be revealed nearer the time. 
  • Grow with us packs are being sent to all local primary schools in April, and they are being encouraged to share on social media. Work with Little Coates Primary and the Garden Centre is being publicised. 
  • A report showing all recent media interviews was provided. 
  • Kickstart has encountered some teething problems, and work is needed with individuals to get them ready for employment. Expressions of interest can now be submitted online.  


  • Training will commence next week for the support group for LGBT+ staff and service users.   
  • Community members will be meeting with Vicky Ayres regularly to progress the Project Of The Year. 
  • Resilience lab is due to start at the end of April.
  • Amy and EIT are attending schools to look at what support is required for teachers and young people who have experienced bereavement. Amy to contact Jo Kent regards the suicide prevention and bereavement from suicide work that is ongoing across HCV.  
  • Courtney is attending the Teenage Mental Health digital conference as a panellist representing Beyond as a youth board member.

10. POLICIES    

  • No policies were brought.    

11.1 PALS/Complaints

  • The report received showed information from Q1-Q3. 
  • Trends are within the narrative and reported back to infrastructure meetings for that specific service. 

11.2 Training and Development/Workforce/Bank

  • NHS Staff survey results – annually NHS organisations have the opportunity to take part in a national staff survey.
  • NAViGO results this year were phenomenal, ranking top in six of the ten survey themes, including staff morale, health and wellbeing and quality of care when compared to over 220 national NHS provider trusts. They also ranked top in seven of the ten overall factors compared to 52 mental health and learning disability providers. 

11.3 Workplan Summary Report

  • The report provided displayed the progress made with items on last year’s workplan.      


  • Item deferred due to time constraints. 


  • The paper provided detailed the objectives which fit into five themes that link to the workplan. It was highlighted that the workplan will always be a ‘live’ document and changes or new objectives will be highlighted in future updates. 
  • The objectives will be taken to CIC board for approval in April.      


  • CIC board formally approved Courtney as Non Executive Director and Craig as community representative. 
  • The Early Intervention Team have arranged a litter pick and clean up in partnership with Morrisons Supermarkets at Laceby, which James Elliot “The Canoe River Cleaner” is taking part in. NAViGO agreed to donate £1000 to James Elliot’s funding page to aid with the cleaning of Freshney River and other local spots. Amy to arrange.    


  • Thursday 3rd June 2021, 9.30am via zoom.
  • Please forward apologies to

Papers for the meeting 

  • Papers can be obtained from Nicola Carroll.