Airmid is a new patient-facing mobile app that integrates with the SystmOnline clinical system. The app is available to download on both iOS and Android devices.

Airmid utilises the NHS Login service which allows you to access different health and care apps with only one set of login details. This means that if you have already downloaded and signed into either the NHS app or the Covid-19 app, you can use the same login details to access Airmid.


Airmid logo


Receiving notification of appointments via email


1. Open the app

Once downloaded on your mobile device, open the Airmid app.


2. Log in

To log on to Airmid, please enter your SystmOne online username and password details. 

If you do not have SystmOne online set up on your patient record, you can set up a NHS login account through the link on the log in screen.

Once you have clicked on the link, this will take you to the NHS login page where you can either enter your NHS login details or select to set up an NHS login account. Follow the steps on screen.


3. Open Notifications

Once logged into Airmid, click on the 'Notifications' link.


4. Launch survey

Click on the 'Tap to launch survey' link to open the questionnaire and complete the questions.


5. Save and submit

Once you've answered all questionnaires, you will be able to review your answers If you need to go back to amend anything, use the Back button.

Once happy with your answers, click on the Save button. This will send the completed questionnaire to us.


6. Delete notifications

Delete the notification by swiping and pressing Delete, or delete all notifications by pressing the three dots and selecting Dismiss All.


7. Log out

To log out, click on the Menu option and then select Logout.